Hello, I'm Donna and I am a soap addict.   My story starts in January 2011, when I made my first small batch of handmade soap...and I was hooked!  I love making it, I love using it, I love sharing it.  Since this is my passion and not my day job, I usually work after hours…in other words, by the Lite of the Moon.  Ah, now you get it ;-)

My philosophy:  Every day we wash - hands, face, body - it's a simple ritual that makes us feel good.  Without getting too lofty, for me this simple daily ritual is actually grounding - a few minutes filled with scent, texture, and color that is both refreshing and oh so functional at the same time.  That's a're gonna do it, so why not enjoy the's an opportunity during the busy day to take a breath and be in the moment in the simple ritual of washing.

I hope you love it as much as I do!


I use plant based oils, natural colorants & botanicals, essential oils, and high grade fragrance oil blends.  My mission is to create beautiful products using quality ingredients that are both good for the body and affordable enough to use every day.  I strive to be responsible with my choice of ingredients, supply chain, and packaging so that I soften the footprint I leave on the earth.